Corporate Branding Design

Tell everyone who you are and what your company is all about...

Whether you need a fresh new look for your company logo, business cards
or even a slick email signature, Weber Design Studio has you covered!

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Logo Design

Set yourself apart from the competition...

Tell everyone who you are and what your company is all about with a custom-designed logo.

Much more than just a picture and your company name, a logo represents the very essence of your brand and your company's vision. Some of the world's most famous and iconic brands including the likes of Google, eBay, Nike, Coca Cola and McDonald's are all instantly recognisable by their timeless logo designs.

Our streamlined design process allows us to work with you from concept to completion to produce a logo which perfectly reflects your professional corporate image.

Business Cards, Letterheads
and Corporate Stationery

ESTABLISH partnerships with your CLIENTS..

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of social media and online interconnectivity, business cards still play a key role in the marketplace. First impressions are lasting ones so make it count with a 'wow-factor' business card that will really stand out from the crowd. Design possiblities are limited only by your imagination. Here are some of the cool design elements you can incorporate into your business cards:

  • Vertical or horizontal design
  • Single-sided or double-sided card
  • Special finishes including matte celloglazing, foiling, embossing and spot varnishing
  • Rounded corners or custom die-cut shapes

Your stationery set doesn't end with your business card. If you're sending communications by mail to your customers or prospects, a matching letterhead is the perfect compliment to your business card.

Email Signatures

Sign-off your emails PROFESSIONALLY

An email signature or email footer is the perfect platform to complete your stationery set. Business cards and letterheads effectively present your brand in written or printed communications but what about your digital interactions? A custom-design signature not only looks professional but it also provides you with FREE marketing opportunities. Use your email footer or signature as a digital billboard for advertising specials and promotions.

It is also the perfect space to nclude logos of your business' awards, achievements or environmental certifications, or connect your clients to your social media channels with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube logos.

Corporate Style Guide

Ensure consistency and integrity of your brand…

A corporate style guide is a document which sets out specifications and rules for use of your logo and corporate branding by third parties in both electronic and printed media. A style guide includes information about where and how your logo should be reproduced as well as requirements for minimum sizes, positioning, clear space (blank space around your logo), fonts and colours.

If you are serious about protecting the integrity of your visual identity, then having a corporate style guide is an absolute must.